Veteran and Mickey Mouse shirt


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Veteran and Mickey Mouse shirtit’s sad when politics cause family battles it’s been happening a lot since the day Trump announced he was running . Believe me I’ve seen to much and have a lot less family. He’s an angry man and loser. Jealousy and hatred has reduced him to a crying baby. He was not given a job by the president after numerous attempts. So as usual oped is his way of resentment even if his marriage breaks down. Some chronic TDS patients will soon start committing suicide as their final shot to destroy the POTUS. Hate corrodes and destroys the container that contains it. All haters are reaping what they sow. Ok. This is now just silly. Freedom of the press and a sense of humor notwithstanding, George and Kellyanne…and Donald…need to make an appointment with their Veteran and Mickey Mouse shirt. And if it’s Dr Ruth, no pictures, please!

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