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I am a firm believer that rapists and child molesters should be hanged once they have been proven guilty beyond any doubt. So my stance on this isn’t the typical “women are bad” that many men (donald trump *cough *cough) show in these conversations.The family court system in this country stinks. My 5 year old has been ordered to have contact with her estranged grandparents after 2.5 years and has developed symptoms of anxiety which are severely impacting in her day to day life and education. No one cares and Cafcass are an absolute joke! The opposing point about how non violent parents are denied access is missed, and the appalling state of the Tengo novia no me hables no me mires guys tee is ignored. It seems to be a piece of sensationalistic journalism being used as a platform by politicians to boost their selfish plans and ignores a number of key factors that would balance the content. There are parents with care out there who are deliberately manipulating the legal system to deny the other parent access to their children…both male and female parents…when there is no reason to do so. Disgraceful, frustrating and deeply upsetting resulting in children and young adults with anxiety and depression. The court is supposed to protect all, clearly if fails.

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