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National Borracho League shirt

here in germany the new thing is child is at both parents equally, as kids have rights to both parents, and both parents have equal rights too. Its getting common here, courts are granting it to dads, with young kids too. There are a lot of single fathers doing a great job that still have to go through these things. It doesn’t matter who it happens to, what matters is that nothing is being done about it and that needs to stop.Poor children need to be protected!! The law is ridicules allowing sick parents unsupervised access or worse still custody. Those poor kids may grow up to be troubled adults from the National Borracho League shirt they experience from childhood abuse.  These cases are not for any so called family court to decide. They always put children at risk by forcing them to see heavy criminals they should have been protected against.A domestic violence offender, rapist, paedophile,or a murderer are not fit to see any child. The children must be protected. Swedens family courts lost their power in 2006, because of this behaviour where they force children to see men/parent they should be protected against.The childs/childrens mothers left with them because of the need to protect the child/children.Not so the child/children would end up forced to see a heavy criminal.Should’t even think of letting children see men/parent like that. And these cases should never have anything to do with any so called family courts. The family court staff are welcome to instead have a relation with the heavy criminal themselves. Spare any child/children.

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