Don’t make me act like my mama shirt


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Don’t make me act like my mama shirt

I know it’s likely that I’ll be criticized but as a foreign individual living in the Don’t make me act like my mama shirt, ai can tell that this country is not what the most of population thinks it is. The legal system here is a joke, a paradise for criminals exist in front of everyone‘s eyes. Here, criminals can do whatever they fancy as they are assured by corruption and justice failure; they are sure that a maximum sentence would be reduced to a comical sentence if they even pretend to be “on the line”… Poor child rip, just another victim of her own judicial system.  It’s a twisted world we r living in now. Our values are changing gradually, leaning toward freedom from old-fashioned morality. So many things are going wrong now more than ever, cuz we are slowly accepting a new world order. What a shame.  I was just reading a story yesterday with several examples of this happening. It had some harrowing statistics about the likelihood of a mother being believed.

“Her research, which also focuses on the use of alienation arguments, has found that courts only believe a mother’s claim of a child’s sexual abuse 1 out of 51 times (approximately 2%) when the accused father alleges alienation. Even when alienation is not brought up, courts only believe mothers’ claims about child sexual abuse 15% of the time, Meier found. This lack of belief in mothers’ claims then bleeds into the custody decisions: Mothers lost custody 28% of the time when they have alleged child sexual abuse, and mothers lost custody more than half the time (56%) when alienation is mentioned in the decision.”

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