Dabbing Turkey Nurse thanksgiving sweater

Dabbing Turkey Nurse thanksgiving unisex hoodie

Dabbing Turkey Nurse thanksgiving sweater is a cute shirt that you should have if you are a nurse. “Being a nurse allows me to see the face of God in others. I am able to help my patients when they are in pain. It is one of the most rewarding professions. I enjoy helping people during some of the most difficult times in there lives. Nurses are some of most compassionate,knowledgeable and well rounded people I know. Nurses can multi-task and have keen insight to people emotions. We can assess a situation and work well under pressure. Nurses have some of the best stories about their patients,diseases,relationships and seem to have a great outlook on life. It is never a boring job. Many of my Nurse friends and myself included have had over 5 different nursing jobs in their lifetime. I always seem to learn something new everyday. The nursing profession is constantly evolving and we need more nurses today than ever before. It is also recession proof. Nurses will always find a job and earn a good wage. Nurse are role models and the general public look up to nurses and seek our our advice. I love being a nurse and especially enjoy touching the lives of others.”

Dabbing Turkey Nurse thanksgiving sweater

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