Born in the USA Captain America shirt


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Born in the USA Captain America shirt

I’m pretty confident it’s in the Born in the USA Captain America shirt. Courts don’t often a) take custody away from mothers in favor of fathers or b) reinstate custody to mothers they do take custody away from. Women also do not commit domestic violence or sexual abuse in nearly the same percentages as men do. To think otherwise is just not reality. It’s ok to say it. Men are usually the problem. Men are mostly the sore losers but I do agree women can be as vile and vindictive as well.Often the woman has to fight harder,needs more proof and still have to deal with not being taken serious.What do you want,just the “conservative” media who doesn’t take women as equals? Where has common sense gone? We should be ashamed when the rights of an abuser are given precedence over the wellbeing of the victims. I grew up being abused in the 60s and 70s and no one got me out of there. It hasn’t gone downhill. The laws have always been horrible. Its not all the case one man lost his daughter to his ex parters new boyfriend and hes still fighting to bring her back to bury her and that was 17month ago and that to me is wrong just because his name wasnt on the birth certificate that poor girl has been in the morgue all that time 2 years old.

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