Black Panther with logo adidas shirt or hoodie


Black Panther adidas. Big up to the directors, creators, and the cast of this movie. Black power to the people has been given a major boost. I actually wish the original Black Panther civil rights movement can also relate to this movie. I am, the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen second to Iron Man in my book as far as origins go just a 2-way tie but overall I loved the film, I have great respect for all ppl, therefore, I’m putting it at number 2 in my top 10. I just got back from seeing it with my friend, we were blown away. We’ve seen many movies together, we looked at each other and smiled at one point in the movie… something we’ve not done with any other film

Black Panther adidas longsleeve tee

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Black Panther with logo adidas shirt or hoodie
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