Bitch I Will Put You In A Trunk And Help People Look For You Stop Playn With Me Shirt


The Bitch I Will Put You In A Trunk And Help People Look For You Stop Playn With Me Shirt around you have the same options. It’s nothing to get upset over. His actions were childish and you should not have been subjected to that behavior. In my opinion.  I think this lady is a stinker. With such close quarters, it’s not nice to lay in the little space the passenger has from behind. Couldn’t she just be nice and comply? Some people have a fear of tight areas. It’s not like it’s an 8-hour flight. She was just making a point by being stubborn. I think she is just rude. Am I the only one that thinks his actions were wrong? The seats recline which gives the person sitting in them to recline.

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Bitch I Will Put You In A Trunk And Help People Look For You Stop Playn With Me Shirt

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