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Bald headed hoe shit shirt

I knew a woman where the Bald headed hoe shit shirt granted the father access in another state. She left because of abuse. Well one summer when the child was mandated to travel to him, there was no supervision at all. The child rode her bike into a pool and drowned. She was found hours afterwards. The mother never got over it. The judge gets no recourse. Terrible. What sort of a judge with sane and rational thinking would allow a parent to meet their children, when he/she has already been charged with sexual abuse or voilence, specially sexual abuse??? I guess the lives of children donot matter in the eyes of these judges. Someone told me that if someone, usually a woman. alleges violence against her partner, that makes her eligible for up to 60 months of legal aid with no obligation to prove those allegations. They use this to get round the cuts in Legal Aid. Theresa May’s Britain at its finest.This country has become absolutely deranged, it only takes a grain of common sense to realise that those people aren’t remotely fit to be around children.

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