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A game of thrones got chibi shirtI agree with him 100%…i read most of the 448 page report today…trump is a con man and he knew he was toast when Mueller was hired. I can not wait for him to be impeached or lose at 2020 elections…he still would not admit Russia hacked our elections…isn’t he suppose to keep us safe! He doesn’t have to hold the same A Game of Thrones GOT chibi shirt, political or otherwise, as his wife holds. She doesn’t seem to agree with him since she’s still a very vocal person for Trump. Goes back to the quote of “I may not agree with what he says, but I absolutely defend his right to say it.” And yes, I know that isn’t verbatim. She needs to go home and ask him if he knows how much child support is for 4 kids. Keep talking and he will find out. There his noway I would tolerate my wife enterfere with my job or boss. He has to be a really screwed up husband to put his wife through that stress. Apparently he is not going to be satisfied until he gets her fired. If I was the president, it would be a hard choice, but I think I would tell her she needs to get her husband under control or have to let her go.