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I suppose if the soldier is on duty and should be doing something other than talking on the Off Duty Save Yourself shirt phone, then surely, maybe he might get in trouble for not doing what he has to do. But otherwise, there was no reason a Soldier would get in trouble because he had to take a call when he was off work. I have worked with the Law Enforcement Agency and have many of my friends in that community or in National Security.

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Off Duty Save Yourself tank top

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Back a long time ago when Marajuana in the Off Duty Save Yourself shirt late 1970s as a criminal was so rambling that a police officer could spend his life arresting everyone arrested with a joint. Yes, every officer I know happened to meet a friend on duty. The pot-headed friend didn’t respect his officer friend in such a way that he was a poor friend. Officers do not like to carry out arrests, so often that friend is asked to leave and not return. Even after later medical and personal use, Marajuana is legal for Private Citizens, it is still not legal for Millname.

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