Raising Weirdos shirt

Raising Weirdos women v-neck shirt
Raising Weirdos women v-neck shirt

Are you a weirdo? Lrt’s take this Raising Weirdos shirt now. “I am very quiet. I don’t randomly talk to people I do not know. I’ve never really been big on small talk and I don’t really tell people about myself or what’s on my mind. If people want to know they’ll ask. I’m not very outgoing at all. Im not very up to date on a lot of things, movies or reality tv or social media stuff. At this point in my life I know what I like and enjoy so I stick to those things. I am very private. I have few friends and we are very close. These are the people I share things with. Simple things keep me happy. People go out, go drinking catch a movie with friends do activities..my idea of a good time is cooking a meal, stepping out on my porch reading a good book and drinking a good beer while enjoying watching the sunrise or sunset.”

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Raising Weirdos classic women shirt

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Raising Weirdos shirt
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